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IO House

The studio’s main interest in the creations of dynamic, site specific environments, both inside and outside with, preferably, a link between the two. To us inter-disciplinary collaboration and clear communication is key. challenge the architecture and design directions within the given program and context, together with the team that we connect to, each time we start the project.

we work in close collaboration with architects, planners, engineers, craftsmen and scientists from concept design through, construction and installation. We develop objects and interventions that offer solutions to technical demands such as acoustics, light, sun, visibility and climate; adding logical, visual and sensual effects, both to the landscape and to interior spaces

Our work introduces a flexible form of architecture and spatial composition by working with soft and pliable -often living- materials that create movement and ever-changing effects.

Sound, light, climate and the effects of time are our tools. For each new specification the given architectural and cultural context is carefully studied before we develop our ideas.

Inside Outside specializes in landscape House